Conference  Update

Monday, April 27

Hello Everyone


I hope that all of are doing well.  It has certainly been a different time for all of us.  I hope that during this time you have been able to see the ways of the Lord and what he has in mind for you. I know that I have.  We will never go back to normal but we will have new ways of seeing and doing things that should enlighten our lives.


THANK YOU for your commitment to Women on a Mission for Change and all we do for women and girls.


The Board of Directors and myself have made the decision to go ahead and cancel the conference altogether for 2020. Once we reach the time where we will all be returning to our anticipated schedule, I believe that most of us will be playing catch up and having to reevaluate our schedules for the rest of the year. With that said, I strongly believe that it will be difficult to reach the momentum that we desire for a successful event this year.


 We are going to work diligently on the Legacy Gala which is October 16th  (mark your calendars). We will send you more information as we get closer.


We Have scheduled the conference for 2021. The date is March 19, 2021. We want you to know that if you registered as an exhibitor or participant we will honor this year's registration for next year. We have a list of everyone who has paid so we will automatically include you in next year's count. That is why we are letting you know now so that you can mark your calendars.


Thank you for your patience, commitment and participation. We love all of you and all you do to serve our communities.


Stay healthy and God Bless all of you!




Gina Ponce

President, Women on a Mission for Change

Hands Up


Women on a Mission has always been focused on and committed to engaging and empowering women and girls to show up in the ways that are unique and authentic to them. We know that we join all of you in trying to determine how to continue our valuable work while also recognizing the difficult times we are in as we navigate the pandemic and its challenges as well as social injustice and unrest.


We stand with the Black community and all of those that believe in equity and justice. We stand against racism and oppression.


Women on a Mission has always been committed to fostering equity in all aspects of the work that we do and part of our role in this work is to ensure that ALL women and girls are respected, encouraged and supported in the ways that they require to be as successful as they choose to be.


Our new Mission Statement affirms our commitment to continue to provide ALL women and girls with the resources they need to be powerful contributors to our society.


“Women on a Mission for Change will inclusively bridge women and girls to achieve their full potential and become empowered leaders of a greater society” 


We aim to ensure that women and girls continue to change the world, break barriers and step into the roles that will redefine our culture.


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