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Our Story

Women on a Mission for Change, established in 2010, stand's as a beacon of empowerment in Nebraska. Our commitment is to empower women and girls, helping them achieve their highest potential and emerge as leaders in our society.

Central to our cause is honoring the legacy of amazing women. Through our annual Legacy Gala, we celebrate the extraordinary achievements and enduring impact of women who have shaped our community.

We're more than an organization; we're a movement advocating for All, championing education, and commemorating the successes of women who inspire us all.

Join us in this journey of change, where every step forward honors the legacy of incredible women who have paved the way.

Empowering Women and girls, Celebrating Legacies

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The Legacy Gala

Our Vision

The Vision of Women on a Mission for Change is to provide women and girls with the resources to achieve all aspirations of their lives and to become powerful, empowered women and girls of a greater society.

Our Mission

Women on a Mission for Change will inclusively bridge women and girls to achieve their full potential and become empowered leaders of a greater community.

Meet Our Board Members

Gina Ponce

Gina Ponce , Board President


Bellevue University


John McVay

John McVay , Board Member


Maria Valentin

Maria Valentin , Board Member

Vice President

Elvira Valtier

Vera Valtier , Board Member


Buffett Early Childhood Institute

University of Nebraska


Susy Capellan

Susy Capellan, Board Member

Board Member

Steven Sanchez

Board Member

Steelo Digital Solutions



Seeing the women in that room gives me hope for the future.

Jane McVay

This is my first time, but I love how cozy, warming, family friendly this conference is. Loved it! See you next year. Thanks for all you do Ladies!

Conference Attendee

thank you so much for the opportunity to attend. We both needed to hear the messages provided. What you said about your story and journaling hit spot on for me.

Alejandra Jimenez

Gina was an amazing speaker. To appreciate how authentic she is, loved listening to her
Loved Gina’s transparency!

Conference Attendee

A Heartfelt Thanks to Our Sponsor

Join the Board at Women on a Mission for Change

At Women on a Mission for Change (WMC), we are always seeking passionate, dedicated, and diverse individuals to join our Board of Directors. Our Board members play a critical role in guiding WMC's strategic direction, ensuring financial sustainability, and overseeing our mission to empower women and girls in Omaha, Nebraska, and beyond.

Applying to join the WMC Board is straightforward:

  1. Click the "Join the Board" Button: This will take you to our online Board Member Application form.

  2. Fill Out the Application: Provide your details, share your expertise, and tell us why you're passionate about supporting WMC.

  3. Submit Your Application: Once you complete the form, click submit to send your application directly to us.

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis, and selected candidates will be contacted for further discussion.

Become a part of our mission to empower women and girls. Your leadership can drive real change. We're excited to receive your application!

Board Member Expectations

  • Engagement: Actively engage in WMC's initiatives, committees, and fundraising efforts to support our mission and programs.

  • Advocacy: Serve as an ambassador for WMC, advocating for our mission and engaging the community and potential partners.

  • Contribution: Leverage your professional expertise, networks, and resources to further WMC's strategic goals and financial health.

Why Join Our Board?

  • Impact: Directly influence programs that empower and uplift women and girls.

  • Leadership: Bring your unique skills and vision to shape the future of WMC.

  • Networking: Join a network of professionals committed to gender equality and community betterment.

  • Growth: Develop leadership and strategic planning skills in a nonprofit governance role.

At Women on a Mission for Change, we're deeply grateful to our sponsors for their unwavering commitment. Your support is the cornerstone of our impactful programs like the Women Influencing Girls (WIG) Mentoring Program and the Legacy Gala.

Your contributions extend beyond financial aid; they represent a partnership in fostering a community where women and girls not only succeed but thrive. Thanks to you, our reach and impact in the Nebraska area continue to grow, bringing opportunities and empowerment to those we serve.

We proudly recognize your vital role in our mission and thank you for being an integral part of this journey toward empowerment, education, and leadership.

Bellevue University , Sponsor
OPPD Sponsor

Sponsor of the 14th  annual 

Womens Conference

The Legacy Gala stands as a distinguished celebration of visionary women who shape the essence of our community. This event is a nexus for Strong leaders and change-makers—an assembly where the exchange of ideas propels us forward.


Focus of the Gala

  • Honoring the substantial contributions of women whose influence echoes beyond boundaries.

  • Championing the WIG Mentoring Program, a cornerstone for cultivating leadership excellence.

  • Advancing our mission to engage and elevate the promising young women of Omaha.

This is where influence meets inspiration. Your participation is a testament to the power of community transformation.

Do you know an outstanding woman whose leadership and dedication have made a profound impact on the Nebraska community?


Our 2024 Legacy Gala is the perfect platform to honor her achievements. The nomination process is simple – just click the 'Nominate' button below and fill out the form to tell us her story.


Celebrate the women who dare to inspire and lead by nominating them for the recognition they deserve.